Stickers promoting travel destinations are the new bling on laptops, tablets and even cell phones as the in-thing in personalization and maybe even bragging rights. It’s a new twist on an old idea, remember travel stickers going back to Steamer Trunks ?

Regardless of new or old idea, it’s fun and attendees at Select Traveler Conference will have the chance to place the STConf logo on their laptop with colorful logos mailed to them prior to the conference next March 25-27, 2023 in Branson. The logo will feature the “Open for Tourism” design to remind everyone that tourism is back in America.

“We are going to have fun with this, everyone who presents their laptop, tablet, cell phone or anything they want to attach the STConf sticker to, will receive a ten-dollar gift card at registration” according to Cassandra Blankenship of Select Traveler Conference.

So, help get tourism back-on-track, attend Select Traveler Conference, and see Cassandra for your free gift card. Contact Cassandra at 800-628-0993.

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